“Peace, patience, persistence, respect, forgiveness, and dignity. These were the values I’ve carried through my life and my career.” – ST




Shyazanna has been in the arts scene for quite a long time. She started off as young as 6 years old.

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Nona Republik is the jewel of Shyazanna and Ery. This two entrepreneurs came together and joined forces in launching a new brand in the Muslimah industry.

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Shyazanna recently joined Cinnamon Tree Photographs and become one of their female freelance photographer. This family-based company were set up by Azhar and his brother, Ery and has been around in the photography industry since 6 years ago.

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D’Classique The Show Band was founded by Muhammad Ali Abdullah and has been intervening in the wedding scene. Shyazanna is one of the lead female vocalist of this very strong multi-talented show band. D’Classique plays songs ranging from Traditional to Modern English, Traditional to Modern Malay and even other genres.

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As the only female sound engineer in SMG Connexion, Shyazanna also specialises in the back scene and technical aspects of a production.

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For general enquiries or sponsorship/endorsement opportunities, kindly contact Shyazanna via email at shyazannathaqifah@gmail.com