King Arthur In Bangsawan


King Arthur, in Bangsawan? Now that is not something ordinary, at least in this 21st Century. However, it is very interesting to have an English-based play in a Malay Opera. Therefore, Perkumpulan Seni decides to revive the traditional bangsawan  back in this very era.

Based on the story of King Arthur, ‘Satria Menara Putih’ touches on the story of power, jealousy and judgemental. The plot is full of issues like scandalous, treachery, politics, comedies and even mystical. There are also many ‘plot twist’ at unexpected times.


Now, I wouldn’t want to review it because I don’t trust reviews. However, I would state my own perspective of the play. As a cast myself, I gained many experience through the very production. Most productions that I participate aids me with my learning experience. However, I feel like there are no effort in overall aspects. You know how great plays these days get standing ovation? The flaws they have are really minor and the audience love it so much.

Although this show had thorough research to preserve the quality of a bangsawan, I believe many aspects can be better worked on. For instance, with the technology that we have these days, they should really feed on it. The visual and the sets that comes out on the very day appears very amateurish. As a cast, it was a big disappointment. However, as an actor, we ought to give our very best even at a worst case scenario.


I cannot deny that the people I met and act along with are well experienced in the industry. It was a well memorable production I would say and yes I am having post-production blues. I hope bangsawan never dies in the future to come. I also hope the nect revival of a bangsawan, it will be well played and organised.


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