Photoshoot This Ramadhan?


Well, Ramadhan is just a few months away and Hari Raya is coming to us shortly. But that is not my point though. You see, I worked in a photography company called Cinnamontree. Now, what are the odds of taking a photographer’s picture?

I came across my photoshoot pictures taken two years ago at our old studio. One, yes we’ve moved our location. Two, yes I wasn’t wearing a hijab a year ago and still do whenever I go to work due to my work policy.


So anyways, why you should choose us? 

1. We Make Sure You Have Fun


So far, none of our clients feels awkward with us, even the most introverted ones enjoys working with us (based on their reviews).

2. We Bring The Best Out Of Your Photos


Now, we will discuss thoroughly with you to make the best out of your shoot. If you have any creative ideas, we are willing to explore it. If you don’t, we will provide you with various choices and recommendations up to your liking.

3. We Would Go Extra Miles For You


Even if the volcano is erupting at the back, we’ll be there for you. We would travel with you and be your best buds the whole trip so fret not, it will be a memorable one.


And we would even bring in your bike into our studios for you!

4. We Are Family Oriented


We treat every one of you like our very own family. Now, didn’t I said it before that we could get along very easily. Of course, we’ll remain professional during working time to preserve the quality of our works. Why don’t we meet up and drink kopi O at nearby coffeeshop? Our treat.

5. Lastly, Our Team Consist Of Young And Creative People


So never be afraid of facing an old-fashioned photoshoot again. We will do our best to make sure every penny of yours worth it. What else? We look forward to your calls and emails.

Cinnamontree Photographs


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