Spacedays – Morning Light

Spacedays? Who are they?


Well, Spacedays is a local rock band from Singapore. They were founded in 2009 and their compositions bear close associations to the late 1960s psychedelic music subcultures. Audiences have also drawn close parallels to American garage rock bands. Although, their sonic affinities lie with music subcultures abroad, lyrically, Rahmat “Mamat” Suliman (vocals/keyboards/guitar) writes about daily experiences and relationships in the urban confines of Singapore. “Some days we just need some space to observe and to reflect,” he muses. 

So, why them?


You see, I became Dorothy for their Music Video called Morning Light. I guess it was a hit looking and the number of viewers on the video. You can click on this link to watch the video.

Spacedays – Morning Light


Directed by Joant Úbeda, the whole process of recording the music video was fun and memorable. If you have clicked on the link above, you would see how we fit in our slow motion into the song. We had to run around to achieve it though. Like this:



But the great takeaway was the graffiti though. It was well drawn and established on the very wall alongside with other vandalisms.


The artist only took a day and a half to complete the masterpiece.


All in all, I would say we had fun the whole time.


Thank you Spacedays for the opportunity!




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